Notice of 28th AGM
Appointment of Independent Directors 21.07.2022
Appointment of Statutory Auditor 21.07.2022
Resignation of Mr. Vanesh Panchal 21.07.2022
Resignation of Internal Auditor 30.06.2022
Resignation of Statutory Auditor 30.06.2022
Update of New Website and Contact Details
Approve the Re-classification Request 17.06.2022
Appointment of Secretarial Auditor 17.06.2022
Shifting of Registered Office 17.06.2022
Resignation of Secretarial Auditor 17.06.2022
Shifting of Registered Office 05.05.2022
Resignation of CFO 21.04.2022
Resignation of Director 21.04.2022
Resignation of CS 18.01.2022
27th AGM Outcome 30.09.2021
Proceedings of 27th AGM 30.09.2021
Approval of Merchant Banking License_27.09.2021
Book Closure for 27th AGM
Reappoitment of Directors 04.09.2021
Resignation of Independent Director 01.07.2021
Resignation of Independent Director 02.07.2021
Appointment of Director 29.06.2021